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Sa panahon ngayon, pag na-fall ka, sahig na lang talaga ang sasalo sa’yo.

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10 Mysteries Of Time


Time Dilation

Physicists consider time a fundamental dimension of the universe, but the assumption that time’s just one steady, linear flow has been convincingly overthrown by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Time, once thought to be simple and absolute, is actually influenced by speed and gravity.Ever wonder how your phone knows you just passed a turn you were supposed to make and is now urging you to make a U-turn? The global positioning system (GPS) in your phone is linked to a network of 24 satellites that each carry precision atomic clocks. Compared to ground clocks, these satellites “lose” seven microseconds per day because they are in a slower time stream. Without constant compensation, even this extremely small time loss would accumulate rapidly, with errors as large as six miles in a day.GPS systems are able to make these constant minute adjustments because acceleration “slows down” time, and the faster something moves, the “slower” it ages. Physicists call this effect “time dilation.” Under its influence, a space voyager could return to Earth after a 20-year voyage to find himself hundreds of years in the future. To carry time dilation to its absolute extreme—as we approach the speed of light, it is possible that time stops and immortality begins.

Meditation And Time

In his 1890 masterpiece, The Principles of Psychology, William James observed how impossible it can be for one’s focus to be entirely in the present, because an “echo” of the past and a “foretaste” of the future lingers around each passing moment. James then challenges his readers to abandon that and live in the moment. This is, sadly, easier said than done.Our minds typically refuse to stay in the present, constantly regretting a past that can never be undone or anxiously awaiting a future that may never arrive. What is the solution to living our lives “outside of time”? Many wise men, such as James, have suggested the same answer: It is also the core practice of Buddhism, as well as the title of one of George Harrison’s most haunting melodies: “Be Here Now.”Meditation, which strives for mindfulness of each passing moment, has been shown to slow our perception of time down significantly, which has great potential for relieving anxiety and depression. So the next time you feel yourself being pulled ahead or behind, remember: now, be here now.


Leap years occur every four years, when we add an extra day to February. This is done to compensate for Earth’s orbit around the sun not being an even number. It doesn’t actually take 365 days to spin around Sol, but roughly 365.242 days. If we didn’t add the leap day, we would lose about six hours every year, and this would add up to very inaccurate calendars as the decades unfolded.Unfortunately, “leapers” born on February 29 can only technically celebrate birthdays once every four years. The bad news is you have to convince people the day before or after is an acceptable birthday substitute. The good news is you can count your age by counting birthdays, meaning you look 32, but are actually only eight years old. Sadly, a leap day is often treated like it doesn’t exist. Hospital patients can’t be entered into the system, people can’t renew their driver’s licenses, and people can’t open up bank accounts, because the computers at the hospital, DMV, and bank aren’t set up to recognize February 29 as a legitimate day. Even the mighty Google gets confused—its computers don’t allow “leaper” bloggers to update profiles.

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